Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world.


Every member of the Congregation is called to, "be pure and poor, contemplate, witness, and proclaim the Word Incarnate for the Kingdom of God".

The Spirit of the Congregation is a missionary spirit; it is one of prayer, purity, poverty, humility, passion to proclaim the Gospel, zeal and love of God's people, commitment to serve the poor, and service of the church.

This missionary spirit marked the lives of the Founder and Co-Foundress and has been passed down to all the members of the Congregation. The members share the missionary spirit of the Founder and Co-Foundress and faithful to the heritage of the Congregation, and are attentive to the needs of the Church and signs of the time.


Our mission is to prepare the hearts of people to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and to welcome non-catholic brethren in the full communion.

Our mission is lived and expressed in a diversity of apostolates among the marginalized poor especially to women and children throught home visits; parish and faith formation; education, health care, and social wefare activities.


The vision of the Congregation is that the people of God are led to the Kingdom of God through ever greater unity and freedom, characteristic of the Children of God.